dog training Westminster For some reason, most owners of small dogs treat them as adorable “live toys.” They pamper them, constantly take care of their safety, and think that their miniature friend is very vulnerable.. 

Training for small decorative dog breeds is just as important as it is for large ones. And the experts at dog training Westminster say it’s no more complicated than that. 

What is the peculiarity of training dogs of decorative breeds?

1. Small dogs need to be trained on the same level as them, especially in the early stages of learning basic obedience commands. They may often find the size of the person who trains them threatening. If you hover over your little dog, it may become frightened, unresponsive, and even defensive when you try to teach it new commands. To do this, you can drop to the floor yourself or put the dog on a chair or other surface at the height of human growth.

2. Despite their tiny size, all dogs of decorative breeds are personalities with different personalities. The dog handler selects the most appropriate training methods for your pet (time and place of training. 

3. The main method of training is the taste-encouraging method.It is very effective because decorative dogs are so small & it is strictly forbidden to apply a mechanical effect to them (press on the croup with your hand, pull or even more so lift by the collar, punish) or scream. Too easily, you can damage the fragile neck of a dog just by pulling on the leash. 

4. Tiny toys and special equipment for training. Your little dog needs a light collar and leash. In other words, a leather or chain collar and leash are not the best idea for young children. To avoid neck injury, use only accessories designed for small dogs. 

Your well-trained pet becomes the most precious member of the family and a faithful companion. When you are sure that your dog is not causing a mess in the house, not marking corners, or tearing furniture to shreds, you will feel at ease, calmly leaving the house. Visiting friends with your pets will be a pleasure, not torture – your friends will be happy to see you visit again and again.

According to the experts at dog training Laurel, dog training Westminster the dogs of decorative breeds have a very long life, which means that your time, effort, and money invested in the education and training of your little dog friend will pay off with more than enough.

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