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AAA dogtraining provides dog obedience,k9 and behavior training, including puppy training in York pa and surrounding areas.

Dog Training

AAA Dog Training offers Professional Dog Training in Baltimore including Private Dog & Puppy Training, boot camp, leash walking and behavioral issues such as Separation Anxiety, unwanted chewing, destructive digging, excessive barking, biting, nipping, counter surfing, Socialization, aggression & behavior modification.

Looking for Dog Training in York PA, Baltimore and Maryland? We are here to help. We are York PA’s leading training service in specialized Dog, K9, Puppy Behavior & Obedience Training in the York PA, Baltimore, Maryland & DC Area. If you are in this area and searching for experienced and professional dog Behavior & Obedience Training Services for you. Look to our team at AAA dog training for all of your needs! With more than 30+ years of experience at our side, we have the knowledge, skills, and expert trainer to help with anything from dog behavior & obedience training needs. Call us at 410-456-DOGS(3647) and speak with one of our friendly representatives about how we can help you!

Dog Behavior

A majority of dog behavior problems are due to incorrect hierarchy positioning in the dogs pack (family). If the owner doesn’t display leadership (be the pack leader/top dog) and, if the dog becomes unsure about his position in the hierarchy, the dog may assume a dominant role in the household, resulting in behavioral problems or even worse, aggression.


At AAA Dog Training we provide basic (on leash) and advanced (dog obeys commands outside of house around distractions off lease) obedience. Obedience gives the owner a line of communication with dog and elevates the owners position in the hierarchy as the pack leader/top dog (position of leadership).

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City Dog Writes: Shane Beardsworth is Baltimore’s go-to dog trainer in Maryland for destructive dogs. He has managed to help dogs break frustrating habits like chewing, barking, and howling. He is also renowned for helping issues pertaining to housebreaking and over exuberance. If you need help choosing the right lead or collar for your pup, Shane hands out recommendations-free of charge. All his dog training services are guaranteed and he makes house calls.

My Story - Shane Beardsworth

I have dedicated my life to dog training. I have worked full-time as a dog trainer for over 30 years. I have devoted tens-of-thousands of hours to better understand the dogs (of all breeds) and their behavioural deficiency only to make them well trained by getting rid of aggression and fear issues. Our training methods are equipped to provide both you and your Puppy the best start in building a fine bonding, trust and respect that will last forever.      

Our training methods are simple yet very effective. Our training program is kind, gentle, easy, full of fun and customize for dogs of any breeds regardless of their issues.

As Director and trainer of AAA Dog Training, Shane has been recognized and recommended by veterinarians, rescue groups, kennels, pet shops and dog groomers, not to mention his many satisfied clients with his dog obedience and behavior training I have spent many years resolving behavioral issues with canines thought to be un-trainable. As a dog behaviorist and trainer I will resolve your dogs disciplinary problems.My services include on & off leash obedience; resolutions to all impossible dog habits.Real answers, personal individualized training to address your specific needs and concerns regarding your dog. AAA Dog Training serves most areas in York PA, Maryland including; Baltimore City & County, Anne Arundel, Harford, Carroll, Frederick, Cecil, Prince George, Howard, Montgomery and Kent Counties. AAA Dog Training also serves York Pennsylvania and surrounding counties as well as Washington DC

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What can I do for your better relationship with your Puppy?

I use positive reinforcement training methods to give you the tools that will help you communicate effectively with your dog. I will help you build a strong bonding with your Dog through proper training and behaviour modification.              

Why AAA Dog Training?

Years of experience, dedication and guaranteed training have made us the number one dog trainer of Baltimore, York PA and Sparks Maryland area. Our customized, highly effective and rewarding methods have built healthy relationships between numerous satisfied owners and their dogs for years. We have worked through even most difficult and challenging dog behaviours. Moreover, we have never used harsh methods to train a dog.                         

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