It’s important to understand what you want to avoid to installing good habits in your dog. Some pet owners want to prevent excessive barking, while others are concerned that their dog will chew on inedible objects (dangerous houseplants or shoes). The experts at dog training Reisterstown suggest some other things to avoid. The pet owners want to avoid in the future are digging, begging, stealing food, and coping with a small need in the house.

Your puppy’s body language

During a common family meal, it is difficult to teach puppy obedience. In these moments, you need to keep yourself in hand and not feed him scraps from the table. It will help the puppy to avoid excess weight and teach him that by begging he will not achieve anything. 

Signs of Aggression and Submission

If your puppy feels a surge of courage or aggression, he will try to become bigger by proudly raising his head, and tail & putting his ears sticking out. 

Submissive dogs, on the contrary, try to appear smaller and behave like puppies. That’s because an adult dog will “scold” the puppy but will not attack it. Dogs express their submissiveness by falling sideways to the ground, pressing their tail but wagging it. You need to help her get rid of this behaviour with the experts at dog training Reisterstown.

Barking or whining

Of course, barking and whining can slightly irritate you and your neighbours, but do not forget that this is the natural behaviour of the dog & this is part of its communication. Therefore, make them learn when barking is possible and when it is not. After all, you’d like a dog to bark when it sees a stranger entering a house, not every time it sees a squirrel.

Finally, interacting with children and other animals is the main reason to start training a puppy. For you to be able to invite guests to you and take a dog “in people”, you must be sure that it will be able to communicate calmly without posing a danger to its four-legged brethren and people of different ages. Connect with dog training Bel Air experts for training. 

Even if you only care about one or two issues, it’s important to work on the behaviour and socialization of the dog as a whole when doing obedience training at home.

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